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$.F. - Smile back lyrics

I like to um
I like to dedicate this song Jennifer Washington, my mama
You know my mama taught me better, she taught me to smile back

[Verse 1]
My life ain't rosey but i roll with it, and once you get your rolls royce watch who roll with you
Before they roll on you, hey
I know you feel it in your soul don't you, how dollar bills could make a ho want you
But no flaunting over here we keep a humble hustle, that mean i get it on the hush be quiet baby don't say much
And why you always so serious, i don't play much, the exhibition for the n***as who be playing for the b**hes and the contracts
And me i'm playing for the love and the contact, trying to connect with my people like its comcast
The beat smooth old school like my mom dad, the younger days used to f** like "where your moms at"
She got a son now i asked him "where your mom at", he said "the same city where my daddy hide at"
I'm looking right upon his face where a frown at, i ain't have word for him all i did was smile back

All i could do is smile back x2
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I'm looking right upon his face where a frown at
With no words for him, all i did was smile back baby
All i could do x2

[Verse 2]
I asked my n***a have you dreamed before, he asked me if i ever hit the weed before
I told him he should find something leave these streets alone, he said yeah i understand but quit cheifing yo
Well my bad sometimes the memories could f** with me, not stuck in the moment the moments get stuck with me
I'm trying to get past the past get a move on, cause yo the road to greatness is taking too long
And n***as tryna ball tomorrow, maybe i should move to baltimore, or maybe i should call the lord some more
And bring my knees to the floor some more, i usually leave that for the hoes to do, i'm just a n***a what i'm posed to do
Don't keep these n***as too close to you, i learned that sh** from like a while back
Cause life a game where its points and its fouls at, some n***as faked on me all i did was smile back
Aye all i did was smile back

All i did was smile back x3
Cause mama taught me only only smile back
Smile back when they hate on you, always smile back when they fake on you
You should always smile back baby yeah its true

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