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$.F. - Know Me Well lyrics

[Verse 1]
And I'm always thinking bout my next move, never caught up in the present
On her birthday she ain't want a gift, she just want a n***a presence
I'm making more money having less friends, think I finally learned my lesson
(yeah... lemme talk my sh** yeah)
And it's not like I ain't have the answers, they just ask a lot of questions
What they really wanna know now, I ain't even change, change, change
Guess I just been gone too long, things ain't the same, same, same mane
(Hey... but if you see me round the way, best act like you know me well)

You say I'm only round at night, you so right you know me well
So girl just do that thing I like, that right there you know me well
I been around this way before, oh you know you know you know me well
But if you don't I let you know before I go, you know me, well
Yeah when I'm pulling up, pulling up
When I'm rolling up, rolling up
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And they know it's us
Yeah they know what's up

[Verse 2]
I call it all how I see it, you feel a way you should call me
Oh my darling, dreams of balling, take my mind up, it got all me
Cause this sh** take time, I can't even waste time, always missing a FaceTime
You like f** that, if you care you would call back, if you care you would make time
And I'm working on that but I'm working too so understand though
Know it seem like I don't give a f**, I got this plan though
Let me set this up, I'll be right back to pick you up and sh**
All this gon pay off, I swear to god girl you gon love this sh**
Shawn, just keep it real
You want what you want when you want it
You always around for a goodnight, but you do not like saying goodmornings
You just here for the moment
You just get what you want, and the get where you going
sh** I know it
(Dammit I admit, you the sh** you know me well)


Said you know me, yeah
Said you know me, well

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