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$.F. - Godwillin' lyrics

Uh, this sh** coming straight off the soul
I remember

Pa**ing mickey d's and mama said "we'll eat at home"
How things change cause nowadays I'm trying to eat in Rome
Yo that's real sh** (real sh**)
That's how I'm feeling (how I'm feeling)
And I'm gon do it, godwillin'
I'm bathing ape down but still ain't with no monkey business, heard you n***as sipping guinness
I'm tryna make records, that break records in f**ing guinness, boy I'm really tryna get it
So please forgive me I know my hustle gon get offensive
But I got some room for winners if you n***as with it
Cause I'm gon k** it, you can be accomplice or a victim
Or just a witness, watch me work and I am no magician
But I made something out of nothing, woo you gotta feel it
And oh you gotta respect it
I made it out of hell, so god gotta love what I'm left it
I'm alive, it's a blessing
I made it simple on this cut so don't ask me no questions
Its no texting but it's service, you gon get this message
I'm WeUs repping
And that's from now til later
The peoples motivator, 203's narrator
And I got a feeling we gon run into some millions
We gon do it, godwillin'

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We foreign car wheeling, graduated from them stoleys
Its our time to wear the crown, aye where them f**ing rollies
So I'm gon heat this up until my team chilling
I'm gon do it, godwillin

I know you wanna f** with the players and you wanna get paid up
You tryna get high x2
But baby this the way that he made us and nobody can save us
That's why we get high

[Verse 2]
I'm just, wishing my n***as in the pin better days
That dirt he did turned to quicksand, now he stuck in his ways
Us inner-city kids like them mice who be stuck in a maze
Cause ain't nobody to lead, it's just a hunger for cheese
We moving off instinct
We moving quick, so most times can't think
We puffing Green Day and push NSync
Not a boy band, just boys who banded together through bad weather
With memories to cherish and some scars that last forever
I'm trying to take us 1st place we can't be last forever
I'm willing to be ya, in a year we'll all be looking better
I'm canning all the can'ts, now watch me all the time the nevers
And I'll be f**ing chilling , oh thats godwillin



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