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Well i'm saying I'm trying to high to till these lows disappear Don't want crowd up in the cloud its just me and you here I love a private flight I love a private night and Girl you been out of sight but in my mind I lost that watch you bought me but i found the time to k** the pride Revitalize that love you had for me lets mouth to mouth it baby I know you breathing i'm just teasing this ain't awkward baby Cause i know everything you like so don't you stop it baby Know i shouldn't of called you at all you shouldn't of answered but I guess we make the sweetest mistakes I left the club for your bedroom thats the sweetest escape I'll keep it g or keep it gentle or rough when you want it just say it baby i'm on it You say it baby i'm on it yeah We can take it slow babygirl just as long as you take it And i can take the naked truth baby as long as you naked Reporting live from my mind breaking news we break the rules everytime [Chorus] Everytime 2x Breaking news we break the rules everytime And i don't really have a plan when we land baby just Enjoy the flight 2x You should just enjoy tonight baby [Verse 2] And yeah i know you hate that feeling of feeling feelings when we just chilling You swear that sh** ain't right you getting tired of these round trip flights You rather have that one way you rather have this your way But sh** today ain't today and i'll keep it blunt with you On the real i just smoked with you i had my fun But i just been done with you no i can't run with you And girl i love to make you cum but i can't come with you No time for that turbulence sh** the flight is over The night is over but at least your life ain't over

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