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$.F. - 16 lyrics

[Verse 1]
16 riding round town in ky grandma whip
It's only 1AM stop that grandma sh** and f** with your boy, I'm outside
I ain't quite there give me about 5, I appreciate that you checked
Know that you appreciate that I'm next, you gotta love me for they all love me
Nah girl I ain't cocky I just done see it coming
Premonition, Raven Symone half grown yeah, I had a vision
That I'll get it right and have my n***as situated know you hate it
They stared when I took the stairs then I elevated
I ain't talk much, I just demonstrated
By example I lead, f** what you read on your timeline this time mine
I just walk the fine line of the, hood and the burbs, wizard with words
I could cast spells without spell check
Life been the only test I ain't failed yet
And sh** I heard my n***a flunked out the other day (WOAH)
Man I thank god that my mother pray to keep me straight and keep me whole
Watch my back and bring me home, what could've happen to me is probably the best unknown I could've ever knew
Things n***as do for the revenue
Shot him for the Jesus piece his daddy was a reverend too, it's crazy
So insane wish I could stop that
But knowing me and my temper I would've shot back

So who do i blame
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If I ain't change n***a what could I change, huh
My n***a what could I change, huh
Yeah, not a damn thing
(I don't cuz thats all I'm really caring about I just have enough money to keep my family good
My moms good, you know)

[Verse 2]
I could tell you b**hes in the city I would f** but what I wouldn't stay with em
They never by your side in the rain aww man but they wanna shine with ya
And then the n***as in the city you relate to, somehow grow to hate you
Cause they ain't got it like you got it, they wish they could have it
But you was there too you could've had it, oh
Now they wanna see you injured cause you ballin' out, think you changed on em now y'all falling out
And we don't even talk what's this all about, ok we don't talk that's what this all about
My n***a I don't get it, I don't get it (I don't get it)
Man you know I been busy what this all about
f** that, I was going hard overtime on the grind motherf**er you was calling out
Oh you know they call them earnings cause you earn the sh**
Boy you know it ain't a secret how I got it
f** what you think, gotta think like the bank, you could only withdraw what your a** go deposit
They don't get that logic, man that sh** foreign
They don't wanna grind, man that boring, now they wanna run up
Pick the gun up cause they looking for a come up
Yeah, nowadays that's how the sh** going

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