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F-timmi - New Shoes lyrics

It's tough to face, but i need you like some bad disease
And i've finally come to terms
And there is nothing left for you to say to me
So where to now? Will you treat your new friends just like me
When there's no place left to turn, can you sleep when all the guilt leads back to me
You're the one that never really gave a shit
I was wrong to try and make you
Cause what did i get for the five years that i know i've wasted
Even though we always seemed to get along
Looking back i see things clearly
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We've never been alright
You want to know?
Well i can't forget cause you regret
All the things you've done to me
When it's said and done, i guess this had to be
So where to know? Did she ease your pain or waste your time
And it all seems like a dream, cause i never thought she'd have crossed your mind
So i don't need a friend like you
Exactly what the hell were you thinking
So walk away in your new shoes
Are you satisfied you wrecked me and you that night

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