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F.O.D. - Archangels Battlefield (Clear Of Junk RMX) lyrics

Sometimes an angel cries
When he see the human lies
Raining from their deepest dreams

No matter where you are
People always do the same
Painting black my shining wings

Rmembering you
I'm falling on my knees
Look down
I open the hell

To see how it feels
To be one of these guys
Which are saying they
Belive in you
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I'm hiding my mind for you
I'm hiding my lies for you
Achangels battlefield
This is my battlefield for you

I'm changing my life for you
I changed it and cried for you
Archangels battlefield
This is my battlefield for you

And when the darkness comes
My holy words are there again
Burning in their deepest dreams

Whatever I will do
The battlefield is still the same
Painting black their shining wings

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