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F Killa - Ready lyrics

Verse 1 - Sphinx

Your eyelids are patches for pirates that pilot you to silence
I hear the hearsay of sirens for the tyrants while you recite it
Ugggghhhh really for real though that dude i see's your hero
But ain't he just a sequel to the prequel that killed our people
When we was trynna rise like eagles but your ego let the evil
Deceive you out of freedom free to think your equal to the regal
But he keep you lookin see-through but I see you in the I C U
Wired up to your line up on your Ps and Qs
Good boy here's a toy now believe these views
Monkey see monkey do monkey pay per view
And the currency has currently made you consume
Your own MF Doom and I don't mean the sick lyricist you fool
So I infiltrate from the inside just space n matter in time
Divine intelligent design but shaiton is on a pimp ride
In your mind for your grind and the swine is here to keep you in line
But please read between these lines


I don't hear what they say
We're gonna make our own way
Ready for revolution

Verse 2 - Meryem Sasi

I thought I ran away from Monster The RPG type that'll bust ur bunker
Ended up trapped in the mouth of the silent cobra
Who's venom spreads to divide until it conquers
Gotta kill the beast from the inside
Reverse engineer the enzymes Reload My Mind like a tec-9
Shoot everything that moves like its Vietnam
Will or won't ya Get golden ticket to Willy wonka or the red pill to debunk ya
Fantasy just Dumped ya What's your position and opposition
I'm Stuck in a vision of musical compositions that's worth recognition
Free thinker Amazigh street singer Rap slinger
Not your average type of sister Leading frontline with the misters
Instagram the Bigger picture Worth more than a thousand words
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Every rhyme winds, climbs high on the mountain curves
Every peak starts to leak like the lava bursts
That rather hurts like the truth about the bilderbergs, secrets burn
Eyes wide shut gotta trust the third when u find out what really occurs
Don't let'em kill little mockingbirds on the mic we rocking worlds
Droppin a verse to reverse the curse From Misr to Jazair
Killah - Sphinx y'all feel what I'm saying?


I don't hear what they say
We're gonna make our own way
Ready for revolution

Verse 3 - F Killa

فى الاول سمعت صوت صريخ وكلام عمال يتعاد فى ودني
دية هلاوس ولا هستريا مبقتش فاكر منهم اسمي
مش عارف اتحرك خطوة من مكاني رجلي مش بتشيلني
كأن ساحر نيمنى تنويم مغناطيسي وبيتحكم فى حركة جسمي

من بصة عينه يجبرك انك لازم تمشي على خطاه
تطاوعه فى كل اوامره حتي لو انت فى مكان ومش معاه
بيحركك فى ايديه زي الشطرنج لانك فى نظرة مجرد اداه
يستخدمها زى ما هو عايز لان مفيش نظام ولا قوة حكماه

وطول ما أنت تحت سيطرته أول بأول غسلك مخك
عايزك على طول فى تخلف وجهلك قفلك بقك
يزرع جواك بذرة شر تكبر مع الايام وتضرك
ساعتها مش هيكون لك اى طريقة تنقذ الباقي من عمرك

ف لقيت المزيكا وسيلة افض بيها اشتباكات افكاري
أقوم ثورة فى عقلى افوق من اللاوعي اللى بيجرالى
وبأشعاري اتحرر من قيود الواقع الافتراضي
أشوف الحقيقة واضحة قصادي بحلوها بمرها انا راضي

ومش هرجع تانى هطاطي ولا هكون على عماية
هاخد قرارتي من راسي هعمل لفكري حماية
طالما قلمي سلاحي معايا وميكرفوني مبيقولش كفاية
الراب دة شئ محفور جوايا بطاقات ثورية ملهاش نهاية

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