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F.K.A.P. - ALL GOLD (Maputo State Of Mind) lyrics

[Intro: F.K.A.P]
1, 2
1, 2
This for the streets Man!
All Gold!
All Gold...

[Verse: F.K.A.P.]
Sippin juice eatin tramezini
Grantin bitches wishes like a geanie
Of the top of the dome like a beanie
So fly even Neji can't see
Feeling myself, got arms on the inside
Representing Downtown, yeah I be my kin pride
Wearin bandanas
Riding in the Hoopty
Goin bananas
Niggas can't do me
Lawyers can't sue me
Hoes can't groupie
And dismissers can't
Fucking woopty doopty
Voice to big
The listeners dig
Following so crazy
Haters sayin that it's rigged
No Givenchy
But I'm with my dogs
Intimate with bacon
Relations with a Hog
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My niggas fighting in the streets
With these bitches
Claiming they want a ring
Man this shit Balrog
Unwelcome visitor
Yeah I'm here to stay
Imma watch
Sheep In The Big City Today
Clearance Day
Clearance Day
Goodie Goodie Hip Ho- Uh
Swank so stanky got these niggas like UH
Rhyme so Banksy got these niggas like UH
Take em' to the club got my niggas like FUN
Shots on me got my niggas like GUN
I'm that Kimosabi
Life of the party
Stack em hoes
Tetris meets Body 2 Body
Regret is a sentiment
But never am I sorry
Kicking out the wack shit
Like I know karate!
Stand Up

[Hook: F.K.A.P.]
Yeah (Stand Up!)
Yeah (Stand Up!)
Maputo State Of Mind!
Maputo State Of Mind!
Yeah (Stand Up!)
Yeah (Stand Up!)
Maputo State Of Mind!
Maputo State Of Mind!

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