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F.I.R. - You Love Her So Much lyrics

When you decided you wanted to leave me
I didn't say much
Just treated you as you were free So many times I wanted to pull back
Intense begging was of no use
Just treated it as loneliness Because I can understand
Her kindness was a kind of release for you
Just honestly tell me
Who do you love the most? Actually you really love her
As my punishment
Saying you didn't think of her
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was pitying me, right? I already don't have any excuses
I can only let go
I don't dare demand you
to say you love me Actually you really love her
Is she really gentle?
Actually you really miss her
Just say it I already don't want to say too much
I cover my ears
Don't want to hear you say again
that you really love her F.I.R

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