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EZA - Yesterday Stressorz lyrics

[Verse 1: EzA]
Heavy stress weighs on my chest
Many tests have been failed
My flesh they arrest
My heart beats in a cell
Comical and abominable
My flesh was made economical
With ether in my receivers, there was nothing I could teach ya
All hale the King who slayed the dragon like a savage
Slicing up these verbs to create my colossal cabbage
I'm the rightful owner of these rhymes I write to loan ya
With a**ault rifles on ya
You'll inevitably be a goner
My persona as a fiend
Feeds my rhyme schemes
Divine light was entrusted by the powers that be
The foolish part of a Man will pervert his own way
That's why I speak to him before the light will fade away
Feeling no affinal for all my rude rivals
Write your own story
I bar you from touching mine though
I admonish the scary like a monastery
I saw your Mom staring
I waved
She fixed her hair then
The poor man is just as wealthy as the rich one
Your net worth is nothing, until you fix, what you f**ing broke son
Who are you to undervalue someones life
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Or think there less a Man
When they go to sleep at night
Corporate America is similar to ma** hysteria
They view us as a candy store
Without even caring for ya
This caramel man right here is off limits
Watch me change a nation when it's all said and finished
My Father worked for Ford
Making me able to afford
All them G.I. Joe's that lay on my bed room floor
I think about the sacrifices he made for me to live better
He warned me about the storms
Like a Man forecasting the weather
I wasn't a wild child
I just liked being bad
But without my Dad
I know that I'd be dead
I'm sober as October
My heads still in the sky like air traffic controllers
What will they say about me when it's all over?
That I caved to my demons and just keeled over
That's not the case
I'm bolder militant soldier
And I'll take your a** to school
Like a two pocket folder
It's not a gift if you never give it away
And it will never be a diamond, if you don't mine the clay

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