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EZA - The GeNeSiS lyrics

[Verse 1: EzA]
Controversy's what birthed me
My essence is unearthly
God grant me strength to forgive those that hurt me
Most certainly
My rap flow, is a plateau, to cash flow
I mack hoes, while I stack dough
They slack though
Cause they minds so fragile
I pack shows
The airs sweaty like a**holes
A candle
My soul lights like a vandal
No scandal
Speak the truth threw my mandibles
An animal
Food for thought like Hannibal
Examine flows
My minds live like a talk show
So walk slow
Or get f**ed like a dutch hoe
No van Gogh
But take your bread like a strip show

[Hook: EzA]2x
This is the genesis
I'm handing out long sentences
I been what you missing
Now it's time for your repentance kid

[Verse 2: EzA]
I never sleep, though my eyelids are weak
My name rings bells because they yell it in the streets
So unique
I got your girl in the sheets
I did her doggy-style, cause the b**h was in heat
So check the formula
Are these other rappers boring ya
I came to engrave and enslave with each and every page
My rhymes are golden
Tip the scales if you holding
Believe in yourself through all odds is what I told him
Check percentages
My words are wrote to make Men of kids
They benefit because my penmanship can sink a battleship

[Hook: EzA]2x
This is the genesis
I'm handing out long sentences
I been what you missing
Now it's time for your repentance kid

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[Verse 3: EzA]
I stand stern like howard
The mic is power
In me they find strength
Like water to a flower
Sweet and sour
Prepare your soul, for the final hour
My aim is the cream
Campbell's soup
Clam Chowder
They freak
When I manipulate the beat
I'm elite
Phony fasads fall to there feet
A Pisces as I am, but many fish in the sea
Don't envy me because it's the God in me they see
Resurrected from the ash
As a phoenix watch me blast
Create spectacles with rhymes
See my peers in tears and laugh
Never pa**ive
Sound waves create brain spasms
Indicative of the thought
Grab your armor before the battle
10,000 hours
To increase my brain power
I forecast the weather
Gray clouds and rainy showers
My tongue devours
Hidden gifts become evident
While prevalent hatred leads to lies and sin
Grab the cross
My bad habits I had to toss
To elevate my mind
Wisdom and virtue is now mine
It provides me with the peace I need to recline
Seek the divine
Praying that I'll never reach my prime
An optimist
Deceptacons sabotage my mind
So cleanse the palette
To reveal true talent
My lyrics strike deep
Like an eagle with it's talons
I profoundly astound the
Surpa**ing those around me
Friend requests were declined
Because All you did was hound me
It was written that the King will rise again
So prepare your soul for battle
In the end we'll see who wins

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