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EZ Mac - Sound Like lyrics

DJ Capcom is about to f** up hip-hop with this joint [Damn straight]
So all you haters out there, get back

This is a DJ Haze exclusive

[Hook x2]
Aye yo Mac, what it is?
We wanna know what you sound like kid
So whatchu sound like? Who you sound like?
How you sound like? Why you sound like that?

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
I sound like old, I sound like new
I sound like me and I sound like you
I sound like yes, I sound like fresh
I sound like a bird first flyin' out the nest
I sound like rap, I sound like rock
I sound like every single type of Hip-Hop
I sound like pain I sound like fame
I sound like water and I sound like flames
I sound like cash, you sound like change
I sound like style, and I sound like bang
Sound like trash, sound like ecstasy
Sound like a harmony on a melody
To determine what I sound like, please come listen
This ain't no ordinary white boy spittin'
Mac Miller, here to give you sound bytes
So why do people wanna know what I sound like?

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[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
I sound like d**h, I sound like life
Cause good things don't come around twice
I sound like feathers, and I sound like steel
Yeah, I sound like real
Sound like the next dude up to get a deal
Sound hungry like I never had a meal
Sound like heaven, sound like hell
And it sound a lot better than it smell
And it taste a lot better than it look like
So, I'm a make sure it cook right
Sound like Diddy vs. Suge Knight, sound like heat
Sound like the suburbs, sound like the streets
Sound like a bomb, sound like boom!
Sound like a kid writin' raps in his room
Don't sound like your everyday rap cat spittin'
You wanna know what I sound like? listen


These mothaf**ers know how I sound
I sound like fresh, I sound like the new
I sound like the mothaf**in' future
So if you ain't listenin', then don't ask what I sound like
But if you know, then you closer to the future
Mac Miller, Eastern Empire
Sounds rightttt, haha

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