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Eyedea & Abilities - ...Powdered Water Too (Part 2) lyrics

Think... models...
Think... metaphor..

I am plagued by a yet to be defined mind disorder
Symptoms include illusion to losing the tissue and fluid that borders a bruise contoured to lose core of my aura among other things that clutter dreams and suddenly pull my swollen puppet strings
Hold and clutch my utterly insecure back-pedaling
Please pour the powdered water from the kettle
And load my cup full of adrenaline
Now I can settle in tucked tight between sheet rock and crushed ice
She knocked, but I never let her in despite the fact she looked nice in black
Said I'm in my head isn't twisted upright, it leans lopsided but, eerie enough, I still treasure it dearly
Born in a vocal booth, I hope to own the moon with no excuse
Soon to be the groom to a tune close to you
Sail the true stale ocean blue and ate lunch
But corrosion grew for eight months and the Trojan threw a fake punch
And a crow to fool 'em
I have sold my sanctuary, thank you very much
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Buried all I'd carried for a vocabulary rush
And I don't wanna be around when the cherry busts
'cause when it does the suds will flood all of America
It might have been all over if you were to barely thrust
But you got greedy punctured too deep and now she's scared of trust
But who can you trust anyway, every opinion is jaded by an experience, making thought a response to a memory
I am my enemy, can't think my way out of this penitentiary
Embrace the condition humanity's mechanically accepted for centuries
It's the water, is it real?
How does it make you feel
Being endlessly dependent on external crutches and shields?
Sleepwalking through the dust covered fields
Haunted by the taunted souls of those who kept the seals closed
I've stretched the distance, and pushed the envelope
This song's become an endless note
For all women and men with hope
Open your eyes, you no longer can float
You're sinking and drinking the powdered water
Gon' make you choke!

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