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Eyedea & Abilities - Spin Cycle lyrics

[Verse 1]
I soak up every little bit to sharpen my bones
All grown up still tryin' to find my way home
I never been cleaned or cloned
My heart's never been owned
I'm lonely, but everyone is lonely so I know at least I'm not alone
This road is filled with potholes
But I don't need to tell you something that you already know
We're both sinking in the same boat, I wanted you to stay afloat
I did what I could, but you had to learn to swim on your own
You lost your glow and the glitter and the gold
I couldn't stay alive inside your chokehold, hold-hold on
I really gotta go, cause I'm not fallin' into your hole

You won't spin my head around
You won't take this one from me
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You won't bring me to the ground
You won't ever see, ever see, you won't ever see the ground

[Verse 2]
I soak up every little bit to harden my skin
No matter how I stand still pulled by the wind
When intention goes limp, wipe the face off my grin
And, love me in the name and kill the people being good friends
A liars lips are the best fingerprints, you can think it isn't there
But I can taste it when we, kiss, tracin' paper wrists
I try to draw the line and I missed
But one day I'll be able to look back at this and make some kind of sense of it
I'm not another shin to kick
One foot in the grave both hands on the gin
It took a while to figure out we couldn't coexist
But I'm not falling into your abyss

[Hook] x2

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