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EYE2EYE - Growin' Up lyrics

The little stone with a dark shine
[And] He talks like a big Don when he's online
The type of kid who'd never bone cuz he's all mind
Says he's all fine, but he knows that the b**hes all lyin'
When it comes time, he laughs even though he knows that its crunch time
He's cool enough to back cut in the lunch lineeee
But fact is that he could k**, and hes NOT tryin…
He's dying in his damn world…
Plus, His dads shoes were big shoes to fill
They're Ferragamo too and he's far from the heel
The word fear here is like an earring to his ear
Stretched out his hopes, why? just to see he's not close
[Cuz ]Pat fell for Po, he fell for hoes, grades fell below, and he felt so cold
But when you live down low no one expects sh**
So why the f** would I ever go against it? I…

Before I blew up , before I screwed up , I grew up…

How many mistakes can a man make?
How many sorrys can the world take…
Before a man break?
How many times am I gonna be sick to my stomach, eatin the food God put on my damn plate?
I'm not gonna be lied to – and takin bait
Cuz I believe im in line to becoming great
That's why I grip a little tight when I hand shake …
So you f**ers never lose sight that my tie's straight!!!
The man liftin the world, you're starin at him
I'll Mariah CAREY it on my back, Nick Cannon
Uh, I do a little of what you can't fathom~
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What you can't imagine, but the catch is I make it happen…~~ what?
I make it happen and I do it so smoothly
April 2nd b**h, you don't Foooool me!!!!
…Yeh you mistaken, cuz , this is the new'me
I write the pages, so the script don't exclude me
The 80 proof be kickin in when hes up n runnin
N you see him goin in like a storm comin
If hes caught between choices
I Bet you see him breakin a set path with both of em…. Ya dig
Hes not about to let himself die
And he won't blame the world puttin him so shelf high
I guess I speak for myself I
Always felt I had prove what I will in time, but I'm SURE that's why…

Now I want everyone to follow me, walkin till my feet give out on me!!!
Swear it on my family, I will make a MAN of me ……..
Nothin but love to the few who abandoned me
The reason that im here's cuz I patched where you damaged me
Don't give a f** about it , I don't give a damn!!!!!!!!!
Just don't take credit for the man that I am !!!
I stand by a plan to advance past you half a** people who can't last a minute where I stand !!!!
You got me ga**ed up on my home stage
You said pace yourself and I cloned Danny grange!!!!
The talk was all about ‘how did he change sir'
The milf hunter flow, meant a comin of age sir!!!
Whoever wanna hate, f** what they say
Cuz know the cup that I drink from you never could taste her
And I know my place sir
I thrive off what you feed me there's no time to wait heree

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