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EYE2EYE - Forgive Me lyrics

Ya, I couldn't say those words enough……
Uh, forgive me baby for the dreams I crushed
Spent months tryina be so tough
With my heart on the line now - I don't have ROOM to bluff……
Yeah- n they say move on, I moved off
But the only thing I thing I found, is I'm lost
Path that I'm on felt forced
N the fact that you felt no remorse, made me change that course
Cuz I – can't believe how you felt so bitter!!!!!!
Ya -- I've never been called a quitter…
Uh, I gave this sh** all I had in me (what) – so how the FUCK are you mad at me??
How do my words still fall on deaf ears?
Why are my mistakes the only things you hear??
Look, I wanna make things clear – If you saw what I really felt
You would never shed no tears !!!!…. Forgive me

[[How many times have I hurt you? And how many times have you?
And how many times I'd been on my knees – begging, begging please…
Forgive me]]

Was it my mistake that grew larger?
Was how we'd communicate proper?
When you'd turn the cheek, did you think that it made any part of me stronger????
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Cuz I bared with a lot pain, patient to a point but its gone again…
When I see you with your head down walkin away, that guilt I hold is poison in my veins
I would do anything on this earth not to feel it -- bad time to be a realist
Cuz I can't change overnight but I might ask you to just trust me and be fearless!!!!!!!
There's no harm in my arms baby…
No shame in your pain
I know what I've caused in you
No apology of mine could explain… forgive me

I feel like everything that's ever happened or will ever
Happen, is happening right now'

If you only knew the man that I am……
If you only could see your place in my heart…
If you could only see what I'm willing to do for US, we wouldn't be so apart…
When you see me -- you're starin at that change that you wanted…
I'll be it just stop lookin back!
I wanna be the best man that I can be …
But BABY first it takes half a chance
You letting new guys change reality into game show, it's in your head so it ain't show…
You don't say much, just let me see in your eyes, on my side it caused pain though
I gave enough reason for you to leave, but also as much for you to believe
Don't let the things I can't change, f** up the change I'm tryina make
Please – It takes you to [forgive me]

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