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EYE2EYE - Angels (remix) lyrics

Theres an angel, its dawn
N shes lookin down upon
Tryina tell me its wrong to not feel nothin wrong
When I feel that I wrong
I fear for my sins
Hard to wipe off all the tears thats within
But I do what I do and the past is a blur
Whats in front now - kno I will endure
And I know that its her
She gives that strength I need
N I will succeed shes my cure
I lovee ya


Feel me, feel what I feel for you
Feel true, feel blue, feel a table for two
Feel rollin round, feel my mothaf**in arm around
Feel a thrill - I will, youre the talk of the town
I been talking bout ya, talking bout how ya saved me
Findin someone like you in this life is crazy
Good im crazy enough to do it
Cuz to carve the better me n piece me up
Girl, its love to do it

If youre angel let us fly to a better place
At heavens gate you can tell them that I demonstrate
A love for you that cud save me from a hellish fate
And set hell a-straight held to my soul mate
I came across no surprise that it couldn't wait
Under your wing girl its time I had a clean slate
And you could gimme hate But Id rather hate you than love them
How could that love then ever break?

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[P. Diddy]
Came from the heavens just to sing a song for you
To the rythym of my love for you, and now it's beating slow, and you know
This the end of the road when i sing this slow song for you

And love was nothin but another gun for you
And I would hide it in my hopeless soul
I'm not afraid to go down the road where we go, i don't know, you can hear them callin, don't you, when the angels call like...

[ P. Diddy ]
If you don't wanna stay you can goo
But since love don't live here no more
The angels are flying so low, singing (don't you hear me callin)


I think about d**h till you make me feel alive
I can't hide through my pride when Im by your side
Wutever bothered me then - I put it all aside
N Im reborn in your eyes whenever they collide
I feed through your smile, live through your blood
Together as one I exist how I should with you
Born angel, the wings are a dud with you
From all angles in love with you


Take me away, put an end to this sufferin
Read my last rites, let me get my last supper in
Escaped hell once, no I won't mess up again
You stand between heaven for me youre my buffering
You make regrets pa** by me without a sweat
No other match could combine for a bigger threat
A kingdom in our path n its forever set
To love in this life and the next , one

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