Exo - All About The Money lyrics


Verse 1
She like
She like I heard you got a deal
I learned you signed a deal
I heard they gave you a house a car and six mill
I hear you're like wow what the people appeal
I'm like chill baby we should talk about the way we feel; about love about trust
Me, you, us
What we have between us is it love is it lust?
But as I dey talk were her eye dey go na my purse all my yarns follow dust for these words I am lost
Can't even say if you are my girl or my cashier
All I fear is losing you to this insanity how can I be?
That all of a sudden you see me as a budget
Won't think about me instead you think about my wallet
And look me in the eye and tell me sey that's the concept
I fell into your soul but you fell inside my pocket
Too deep I can't pull you out, it feels strange shawty I don't even know who you are anymore

If sey you can look through my heart so you see for yourself as I dey see you right now? Right now
You're everything I want right now, why now?
Why you all about the money? (*2)

Verse 2 (Eclipse)

Dear lord
My name is Femi
Been tryna talk to you lately but prayer don dey fear me
See my ways no pure
Na him I dey think
I no fit right my wrongs when I no carry ink
My relationships? Have never been true
Cuz half the girls only want me for the money and j**els
I said baby I love you and I can't falsify the truth
No be today wey this tree don dey bear in fruit
And old habits die hard no reference to Bruce Willis
Ready to die for you I'll do it if you with it
I love you with no limits
And shawty I do mean it
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Tell me what you want I'll get it in two minutes
Though my ego is twice the size of my head
I break it down for you
Let me make you queen of my bed
I get a crown for you
Let go of the cash I promise to be around for you
Just love me for me my wallet no go frown for you


See you know as e dey be you too dey do like dumebi
That's my other girl and na money she want to kolombi like you do
Right now I can't even tell the difference
Me no want to dey the love wey money too dey influence oh no oh


She want the bar she want the paper
She no want a piece of land sey she want the acre
She no want the bread she want the baker
She got high standards but she not Jamaican


See I don't ever trouble you tille I'll be loving you
You can have me if you want to there's nobody stopping you
Na the money you dey look wey dey block your eye view
From afar tille me I sight you oh no oh


Sey na jeje wey I dey oh
Just chasing the pay oh
I'm searching for mine I'm begging God show me the way oh
Never play oh everyday oh
I'm working dey pray oh
Can you be the angel that I need? Without a halo


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