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"Everyone involved" - One More Saturday Night lyrics

[Verse 1]
I went down to the mountain, I was drinking some wine
Looked up into heaven, Lord, I saw a mighty sign
Writ in fire across the heaven, plain as black and white
Get prepared, there's going to be a party tonight

Uh-huh, Hey! Saturday Night!
One more Saturday night
Hey, Saturday night!

[Verse 2]
Everybody's dancing down the local armory
With a basement full of dynamite and live artillery
The temperature keeps rising, everybody getting high
Come the rocking stroke of midnight, the whole place going to fly

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[Verse 3]
Turn on Channel Six, the President comes on the news
Says, "I got no satisfaction, that's why I sing the blues
His wife say "Don't get crazy, Lord, you know what to do
Crank up that old Victrola, put on your rocking shoes


[Verse 4]
Then God way up in heaven, for whatever it was worth
Thought he'd have a big old party, thought he'd call it Planet Earth
Don't worry about tomorrow, Lord, you'll know it when it comes
When the rock and roll music meets the rising, shining sun

[Chorus x2]

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