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Evan Lee - You're The Reason I Purrr lyrics

Hold tight, just breathe that's what they said to me
Relax, okay, is what you're gonna be and
I smile; politely, you won't uncover my mask
I laugh, when they remind me
Of how f**ing stupid you were

It's fine, he's just, another stupid guy but
You see, I dropped, my better life so he could
Live his, that's just the thanks I get
No disturbance, I'm like a ghost now
A distant memory but
You wait, cos I am coming, I won't stop until I'm free

Run, run rabbit, from my gun
You're stuck in chains and I'm the crazy one
With a hacksaw revenge is your flaw
You're just so beautiful
Play your cards right
Your time is almost up
The clock is ticking, and you're still locked up
Take my hand now; I'm watching you drown
You're just so beautiful
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You're so f**ing beautiful

He said I love you
I'm just a dumb whore
Like all the others that think it exists
s** my dick b**h
Try being happy when life is malevolent
My trust is gone now, get close I'll fall down
Watch me just push away
Moving on now? Three months I'm dumbfound
Closed eyes I'm trying to forget

The thought of suffering's the only thought I've got of you
Get on your knees and beg, an answer's all I need from you
Just say you're sorry, it's a thread of what I want from you
But in my mind I'm sure that I would f**ing die for you

I've been constantly misread, while you've been misled
Every word you say reminds me of what I should have said
And now I live with regret
But there's no chance of me being spared

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