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Euroz - Summer's Ours lyrics

[Verse 1: Euroz]

Put my city on I'm the next to
Pursuing dreams, Luther King with a test too
Plus I'm going harder than the rest do
They saying I'm the sh**, well appoint me to the restroom
f** the money and power, they respects due
Bob Fischer they contemplating my next move
Scratch these n***as off that's the object
n***as buzzing only cause my tape hasn't dropped yet
I'm the hottest out if you ain't get the news
f** what a n***a talking, we let the b**hes choose
And this the Great Alliance, ain't no switching crews
Feeling like we 'bout to blow and this one might've lit the fuse
Real n***a my haters wishing they was one
Going hard to recognition and buzz come
Spill so much liquor you'd've thought I lost a loved one
Family over everything these b**hes above none


Belt buckle, Hermes
Walk up in the club, exorcism n***as turn heads
Celebrating, make a toast, n***a burn bread
k** everything that's what my n***a ? said
The summer's ours, winter's too
Top down in the winter that's what winners do
f** n***as and b**hes too
All I need is this money my n***a this will do

[Verse 2: J. Dunn]

My n***a you always sneak peek into my life
Good weed, bad hoes, hit the mall, pick a store to spend a couple racks on
Swagger, cash long
Snapback, cap on
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Getting it while I'm here boy, cause this sh** never last long
You n***as is ga**ed up, what planet your a** on
Soon as this sh** drop here, money out the a**hole
They call me an a**hole when they tell me that I'm half gone
Cause I swear this sh** too dope and I feel I'm getting my trap on
I show up to show out, swear it's bout to go down
I hope that you catchin' every verb, every pronoun
Swimmin' in the f**ing money still letting my dough pile
Kush is my cologne and that sh** there is so loud
The summer's ours, the winter's too
k**ing every f**ing thing, that's what k**ers do
My n***as is in the hood still letting them chickens move
Money, power, respect n***a this sh** is due


[Verse 3: Euroz]

Young Hugh Heff, I keep broads in the bed
P contemplated the range then garaged instead
A prisoner of the mind I keep bars in my head
For a feature I should charge cash, an arm, and a leg
Just booked another venue, my grand's up n***a
Bad b**hes front and center with they hands up n***a
You the type I'm not a fan of n***a
I'm the type to get ovations, a stand up n***a
Heard they say I fell off, but I've been on my grind still
I'm making more than what others offer from side deals
What a seffer refuses to do a dime will
Feeling like you running right?, now you know how I feel
n***as dickriding well of course to get seen
And if she see a line she gon' snort that sh** clean
These b**hes be tryin' to kick it like it's 4th and 15
Knowing that I'm winnin' on course to get green
What up


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