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Euroz - No Love lyrics

I do this for my n***as that serve'n the sentence
School of hardknocks they got perfect attendance
I been in that cell the hurt is tremendous
This game crazy I salute every person that's in it
For that n***a that's moving up from the quarter key
Shoe boxes for court cases lawyer fees
That's a smart move my n***as stay consistent
Remain loyal to this game and never fake commitment
Don't ignore your intuition always pay attention
And never lay your head the same place you lay these b**hes
Cause that would be your downfall n***a
Get her mad then she gon' have police around y'all n***as
I don't handshake nor pound fraud n***as
This is circus been sent here to clown y'all n***as
So expect to get acquainted
The perfect picture is in the process of being painted what up

Even though I never say I love you
Just know I'm here and I'm constantly thinking of you
And knowing that the time is hard to deal with
You ain't missing nothing out here that's real sh**
So when you touch down don't show 'em no love , no love
But just remember keep it real with all the people that show love,show love

Shout out to Lil Swool he a good dude
Just went to parole waiting for good news
I heard his mind f**ed up I hope he get it right
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Cause he younger then me serving a 10 to life
I know we looking at these n***as in a different light
But no it's nothing for me to pick up a pen and write
Fake gangsters yelling free their n***as
Years go by and never do they see their n***as
These are the reasons I tend to stay alert
Cause I didn't see the hardest n***as name in that paper work
So regardless of this game I'mma make it work
Pace myself till I reach the top and bet I stay in first
Well somewhere amongst the top 5
We arrange the top 6 and make you drop 5
Analyzing this rap sh** through Pac's eyes
Now its all eyes on my like a pop fly
Ball game I dominated all lanes
Exposing these n***as lines like a bald fade
f** a favor I plan to get it the hard way
Witness the game first hand, parquet
I'm forever going hard for my team
In which I'll never be cut I got all spades
Look through these Louie's walk in my shoes
Better change your perception alternate views
Went from bus rides to parking in coupes
I saw the path that they was on it took alternate route
We the sh** I know we piss him off
Real n***a cut from a different cloth
Cut from a different cloth
Real n***as
Cut from a different cloth


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