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Euroz - The Podium lyrics

[Intro: Euroz]

Uh, this that sh** y'all been watin' on
I'm standin' at the podium
You know. TF2
It's just different

[Verse 1: Euroz]

Look. The mind of a true poet
Whoever has the crown knows that I'll soon own it
I peeped your new style, im hopin' you dudes own it
They hate to display love, so only a few show it
I always give respect, only if you show it
It's all about the truth my n***a and who spoke it
What's the best if only a few know it?
What's a cla**ic if only a few noticed?
I'm boarder line stressin' tryna give the fans another one
Know that TF2 will be such an acute moment
n***as hatin' cause a handout is what they waitin' on
And that's the reason these n***as will never make it uh
You would've that that I evacuated the hospital
Cause my urgency has ‘em askin' where has the patience gone
Me and your favorite producer vibin' and making songs
Beats are like canvas' in which I paint greatness on
The ones closest to you desert you soon as the cake is gone
I'm working so hard that even moms get a late response
Told me through God, nothing's hard to achieve
But sh** don't always work out so keep cards up your sleeve
The fact that she never made it is what caused me to dream
Moms rapped so the apple wasn't far from the tree
This may be hard to believe but technically I just started rappin'
The game changed but I'm in love with the part that hasn't
Mixtapes and albums sound the same but they far from cla**ic
Cats that you think is hot, to me it's just target practice
Man I swear these n***as target practice
Droppin' music that lack substance, heart, and pa**ion
But me? My rhymin' is straight
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Your opinion's somethin' I don't got time to debate
They question whether or not if I'm tryna be Drake
Yet overlook the cla**ic sh** that I strive to create
Did it occur that I'm just grindin' and tryna be great?
And timeless music's really what I aspire to make
Huh? I'm here to stay. I'm not at all leavin'
Haters clickin' on my songs for the wrong reasons
We're single handedly bodyin' sh** in 2012
And got a lot more in store, it's bout to be a long season
You wack cats is in trouble n***a
This year I'm lookin' to average a triple double n***a
My team k**in', think it's time you called a huddle n***a
Feel good to ball especially when you come from struggle n***a
And you could have all the talent on this Earth
Your work determines your worth, so it ain't sh** if you don't hustle n***a
Real thoughts, I never hold mines back
Fans addicted to my sh**, these is coke line raps
I know these labels want they cosigns back
Cause the n***as they signin' can't f** with my '09 tracks
It's cool. It's a matter of time
You could make it to the top with no ladder to climb
Unbreakable dreams, ain't no shatterin' mine
And if the deal ain't in my favor I'd rather decline
Nothing was ever given it was all earned
n***a success is what we all yearn
Was on the right track but took the wrong turn
Lookin' for a shortcut instead of thinking long term
From our failures, important lessons we've all learned
These wack n***as had they chance now it's our turn
And I'm aware that I'll be greeted with a lot of hate
But to hell with them, like Cam Newton they could all burn
Burn in hell n***as
What you know bout getting' booked with no bail n***a?
At 18, 4 years with in a cell n***a
Left for dead no one thought that you'd prevail n***a
Here I stand
But here I stand
The Foundation 2

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