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Euroz - The Other Side lyrics

[Verse 1 Euroz]
You rappers the new Pac, n***a meet the new Biggie
My heart is still recovering, was torn between two cities
Know I run this town, its only because the shoe fit me
Guarantee when I do blow I bring the crew with me
n***a I don't shoot Whitney, this is just a natural high
Grasping opportunities while yall just let them pa** you by
We in to making history no room to fraternize
To keep up with the next they spend a fortune tho im staking mines. Real sh**!
Finally got accustom to the lows and the highs
From the pavement who knew a rose would arise
Between dreams of real life my flow is intertwined
I got shooters that have a ache I tell them go at any time
Im on my independent grinding they question why I ain't signed yet
Because money isn't everything my n***a I've declined checks
Spectics unsure if I'mma blow or not bomb threat
Comparing me to greats and I ain't even hit my prime yet

I use to be afraid to fail I rather sit back and watch another shot
Who'd a thought success paid this well, finally got familiar with the other side
The other side, other side
I had to get familiar with the other side
The other side, The other side
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I had to get familiar with the other side
Other side
Had to get familiar with the other side
Other side , the other side

[Verse 2 Euroz]
Young king who was so ambitious
Hated on the same n***as that no one mentions
Its been a lonely walk on this road to riches
I made it happen on my own no co-defendants
Formed a coalition now we in this b**h
Stackin cash while n***as hate cuz they ain't who we get it with
Cats is only genuine when they see they can benefit
The city showing me the type of love you can't pretend to get
The future Im envisioning ours
Im k**ing these rappers send they b**hes some flowers
Most of my n***as either dead or sitting in prison
And there be times I be wishin heaven had visiting hours
Regarding the new school they looking at me to lead this sh**
Word to Hip Hop I eat, sleep, and breath this sh**
Don't believe the hype even when it seems legit
Believe in your dreams and the people that you achieve them with


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