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Euroz - RRR lyrics

Light work
My n***a this is light work

[Verse 1 Euroz]
Only the strong lives this ain't for the weak hearted
One of a kind this ain't something that you see often
Label heads offer sweet deals call them plea-bargains
Running sh** and I ain't even got my feet started
Im blowing up n***a shout out to the blue print
Shout out to the day one waiting on the new sh**
Its kinda funny how these rap n***as falling off
But i don't feel the need to say a name when the shoe fits
I love money you can see the affection
Wrist president remove the need for elections
Disregard the hate but superseding projections
Follow my lead if you in the need of direction
No question my crew do it the best
Keep ya head up the ones doing the stretch
Moved out the hood but I still cruse through the west
How he go so hard but still using finesse

[Hook Euroz]
Got money to get, b**hes to f**
I came from the bottom now we living it up
What you make in a year we spend in a month
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And I ain't do it for myself I did it for us
Lets make a toast to all the real n***as, real n***as
I say lets make a toast to all the real n***as

[Verse 2 Euroz]
Me and my n***as in the game on some EA sh**
For the money cars and clothes you know that cliche sh**
They say they don't love these hoes until we meet they b**h
In the terms of making hits me and my team we can't miss
Like when the New York Yankees acquired A-rod
So im advising you n***as to keep ya day job
Show them a way GOD to some real sh**
Taking those behind bars on mental field trips
The sh** you got to deal with
When I talk you listen
My thoughts are vivid
I pray you see what a boss envisions
You suspect with the Heat Chris Bosh edition
We could never be the same cuz my cloth is different
Alot to offer this game what I brought was missing
Ironic how I got it lighted in the darkest prisons
Lets make a toast to all the real n***as
And take a sip to all the one that ain't here with us


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