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Euroz - Chasing Ghost lyrics

[Verse 1]
Non fiction… I don't live a lie
Success is my chauffeur, it's what I'm driven by
Perpetual presence, you can't get rid of mine
They threw stones, and I used em to build a enterprise
f** what the critics say… Man, this sh** a cla**ic
I just hope that it can reach a broader demographic
Centerfold potential… None of my b**hes average
You ain't bringin' nothin to the table, ain't no sittin' at it
The bottom is where I started from
But these days the bottom's where I'm departing from
No one acknowledged these movements
Until I started one
Was puttin' in the groundwork
Waited for results to come
Since my beginning, been supplying sh** with ether
k** you on ya track since you been dyin' for a feature
(Sp) I think it's funny
How all of you n***as commentating
Know I'm in the game
While you admire from the bleachers
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[Verse 2]
They familiar with the name, but ain't a heard ‘em rap
Heard ya comparisons, but I aint concerned with that
I'm burnin' up like jim rome, check the thermostats
Let a n***a shine, open blinds or move the curtains back
(Sp) meet the n***a that you slept on
Watching n***as discuss about who's next on
All my n***as official, they aint gotta be verified…
But them the same people that I blew (blue) checks on
I ain't in a position I'm content with
That's prolly why ya top five is lookin like my hit list
k**in' sh** is automatic, what you drive? A stick shift?
All my hoes foreign, aint no tellin' what they mixed with
Released the foundation, and it sorta buzzed
With no outlets, I couldn't afford a plug
But stayed consistent
Dropped kray and gave ‘em more to love
Meanwhile, these n***as still sleeping… Jordan shrug

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