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Euroz - Top lyrics

[Verse 1]

I keep it so f**ing hunnid
Young n***a, no sense, but a whole bunch of hunnids
Think about the rap names in this f**ing rap game
On my soul with these soles Imma so f**ing run it
You know me and my team blew up this summer
Last year on tour with Dizzy doing a bunch of numbers
n***as thought I missed my shot I was doing it up and under
b**h my crew is with the sh** you ain't screwing no f**ing plumbers
I went quiet for a second but I'm back though
Let 'em run with the name for a second I need it back though
Faced that my window had closed
I said "f** it" and took the back door
I keep bands, hold the drum roll b**h
I don't play games like the console, b**h
When I wake up in the morning, have my blunts rolled b**h


We them n***as on top
You know the car ain't got a top
If you ain't trynna f** then give me top
She a freak, says she likes it on top
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Presidential suite at the top
Me and my n***as on top
All-Seeing Eye, we forever on top
We forever on top

[Verse 2]

I'm going hard and I'm hardly in drive
Forever on top, the All-Seeing Eye
Ain't none of these n***as at all seeing, nah
I really match the hype, real talk, be advised
Like a barrel on a checker key, posing around me
Real stoner type, b**hes know what blow it down means
You make plans, she blow you off cause she blowing down me
I'm in my own lane, pacing, go around me
I live a fast life, they're like slow it down, G
Craps table with my n***as and we throwing down G's
Just rolled a homie told him "Hold it down G"
n***a hold the city down cause they holding down me
Always had a thing for a foreigner
Me in the [?] and we pouring up
When we leave the scene they call the coroner
Like it's June or something, we just warming up


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