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Euroz - Temporary Forever lyrics

[Verse 1 : Euroz]

A bunch of problems, I done been through
My share of broads, I done been through
A million times I said I would change
And say "Disregard the sh** I been doing."
I'm the selfish type, you know that much
My actions cause you to pack up
When I'm in need of space, you back up
When I fell off, you held me back up
We take pictures down when we on break, when sh** good we put 'em back up
I get on top and I f** you good and you stay scratchin' my back up
We sit and chill, and then sh** get real, you call friends over like they backup
That's when reality hits us like a mack truck
When it comes to love we got bad luck but oh well...

[Pre-Hook : Euroz]

We may have done some things and know you and I ain't proud of
They can talk but they don't know a thing about us
Ask yourself where we would be without trust ?
Where we would be without trust...

[Hook : Pyro]

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I can't forget the memories babe in the coldest winter...
Can't forget the memories made in the coldest winter...

[Verse 2 : Euroz]

And relationship's about compromise
Trust's the strength only the strong survives
Lord knows you made a few mistakes
But you remain perfect through my momma's eyes
And I told you things no one knows
When I picture us, it's us growing old
Not a day goes by Ion't thank God
Cause He took His time and you broke the mold
I know you want a ring, I've been savin' up
You've been remaining patient but the wait is up
There was a huge burden now the weight is up
I may have cut some hoes but they ain't made the cut
You on point and I'm on point
It's just us it makes sense why we layin' up
But sometimes your odds just ain't enough
The truth sets in and she can't adjusts but oh well...

[Pre-Hook : Euroz]

[Hook : Pyro]

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