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Euroz - S.T.R. lyrics

[Verse 1]

Young ignant, airplane as f**
My story nonfiction
I ain't making this up
They say hate is a reflection of your success
Well in that case I don't think n***as hating enough
Yeah I heard your sh**
Ever consider hanging it up
In the Hall of Fame I pitch it up
We hanging it up
Cash rules everything around me
If I answer and it ain't about bread
I'm hanging it up
I'm so in love with this live
Lately it's been a rush
On my grown man sh**
I look wavy up in a tux
Its your opinion dog
You couldn't pay me to give a f**
Don't figure the Z you ain't me n***a the jig is up
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The money and the fam like a weigh in
Just me and my f**ing brothers like the Wayans
Opportunity the clique full circle tightening
And the b**hes with it so
You know they're looking for a way in to my city
I'm heavy weight, you gon need a weigh in
Labels like this is heavyweight we gon need to pay him
I mean I ain't think so anything under 6 figures n***a I didn't know
Kings amongst kings that how my clique rolls
These other cliques are too tired that's a bicycle
Grinding but I'm on some fly sh** though
In my king size bed is where them dime chicks go
I only mess with fine thick hoes
b**hes I be playing mind tricks on
Show them the life and let their mind get blown
Get their few seconds of fame like a vine clip show
Two different color Benz's feeling like a
Chauffeur I got dumb b**hes in back
Reezy in this cranberry joint
I'm on my slave master sh**
Cause the one I'm whipping is black

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