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Euroz - Note To Self lyrics

[Verse 1: Euroz]

Whoever hopped up in that car, cut the music on and just get away
I swear it's the same sh** just a different day
As I think about the hearts I can penetrate
The infrastructure of the youth's mind I could renovate
I envision my mom smiling on that big estate
Await to put the sh** I can't pronounce on a dinner plate
I ain't took a day off since I clocked in
I stare at my son and make me question where my pops been
A no-brainer that would need peace, dry beans
You wasn't at the bottom, I don't know you at the top then
The new sh** these new n***as put out lame
The fireman, fans expect me to put out flame
I put the work in and watch the pay off b**h
Lazy n***as at the bottom is where I pray y'all sit
I don't disclose figures regarding the bread I make
No Bernie but n***as question what I made off with

[Hook : Euroz]

I drop down to my knees as I put my hands up
Asking God a question only He can answer
I live life televised, somebody hold the camera
Don't let the fear of failure hold you back

[Verse 2: Emilio Rojas]

Ion't talk to God like I should, I'm losing faith
Confess so many lies, I forgot how the truth would taste
Been looking for some peace in my hood, it's a brutal place
Where friends will back-stab you, foes shoot you in the face
It's f**ed up, we focus on the wrong things
Talkin' 'bout Lebron hairline and not Lebron rings
And Ion't really give a f** what y'all think
We taking nothing for granted, it could be gone in a blink
Perspective, I ain't antisocial, I'm selective
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Ion't waste my breath for nobody I'm not respecting
I ain't shaking hands to gain connections
f** the politics, I ain't running for elections
I'm the best in New York, f** it I said it
You marrying the game, I'm interrupting the wedding
We the reason you should not be wed
I'm eating everything and you will not be fed


[Verse 3 : Euroz]

See I was backstage at Summer Jam
Like "Where them hoes? I'm trying to hit some."
Conversing with K-Dot, that man did some
Then I met J. Cole, like "f**, I should've spit some."
You won't make it if you play it safe, you gotta risk some
Feel I was fit for this business without the costum suit
Outshine these wack cats, I've been instructed to
Ironic how these new rappers still ain't came with nothing new
It's hard to come across artists who ain't doing what others do
Labels enquire 'bout the kid like "What's up with dude?"
"The name Euroz, been mine, rap circles 'round that other dude."
I'm close to groundbreaking but we ain't walking on thin ice
Wasn't born with manners but it's obvious I been nice
Modest with my son but the lab is where I spit nice
Hoping for success that'll alter my fam and friends' life
If this is how it starts, I wonder what the end like
Seated too on a table and you ain't get the invite
I wonder why



Don't let the fear of failure hold you back

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