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Euroz - Memories Of The Future lyrics

Verse 1: Euroz

Uh, it's hard to sleep when you got grammy's on your mind
So many people sacrificed for me, my families on the line
Rarely ever answer calls, unless it's family on the line
You see, Euroz is now a brand, but I can't be him all the time
Reminiscing gasoline, for n***as whom burn their bridges
Praise a certain car, but they hate when they heard we in it
I met a fan that drove nine f**ing hours, just to watch me perform for 30 minutes
I think it's time for these blunts to feel the flame
How the f** am I a stranger when my numbers still the same
My count ain't hurtin, yet my hungers still the same
Put myself in a box, I never been a fan of David Blaine
These rap n***as finish Kobe, been 8ers
Known fact they felt the boy based off what his pens stasis
Way back, I kept it one hunnit, I been Frank
Frankly, n***as don't keep it one hunnit like Ben Frank

Interlude 1:
This can't be life, but if it is, I'm grateful
I put my problems in the blunt, and put the flames to my problems
I had a conversation with my mom the other day she say
How you expect n***as to feel you if you don't give em the real you

Verse 2:

Uh, I planted my seed, now witness the growth
I speak about the block due to what I did in the post
These nobodies with nobodies is still braggin, (still braggin)
sh** I thought only winners could boast
And if I'm not mistaken my team winning the most
Time has become expensive when not a minute to blow
Dog, I find it crazy how I'm really rappin
Circles around the cats that y'all think be really rappin
f** the bullsh**, we tryna make a milli rappin
Legend sh**, whoever catch the sound silly rappin
Studied the footsteps of the greats that knew the path
And now I'm focused on the graph and respect I'm soon to have
n***as want features, and yeah I got verses
But I got bills to so you n***as can do the math (Do the math)

Interlude 2:

Uh, word. Ay yo this ain't about money, it's about being great
It's about doing legend sh**, kings amongst kings (You know)
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And lettin the wind of destiny guide you through this thing called life
I don't believe in revenge, just believe in karma

Verse 3:

Uh, slightly disgusted with the rapping scene
Cash rather boast us oppose to show us what actions mean
Label exec's will turn your visions to a blacker screen
And I'm compared to Drake cause I'm great at the whole rapping, senior
Graduate, school of hard knocks where they lack a dean
But at the same time, there's still principles
You attack, it's write offs, so right off the back your expendable
Shady can vouch twice you need more then a couple m's to blow
And question, why do those with no substance have the most to say
Artists that sign to artists end up that artists protege
Back when it was k** or be k**ed, you know, the older days
Rap you couldn't stomach, it made you dizzy, the golden age
Nonchalantly hop up on tracks and let my flow amaze
I don't do crimes, no more but I know it pays
Make due with what was left, like they took my right away
Thought it would take longer but god got me through it, right away
Guess he felt it was my turn like I had the right of way
My first tour was with Dizzy Wright, I don't think there's a righter way
Throw on a beat, give me a notepad and watch me write away
Matter of fact I don't use notepads, we threw those right away
But at times, I do pen sh**
And n***as quit doin men sh**
Magic, I shouldn't have to stop playin to know I been sick
We all evil, we blessed on some all men sh**
We don't bite our tongues, we keep it real, we all men, sh**
Still runnin laps around these n***as on my second wind
The reason labels second guessin artists they investin in
I'm in the game, I'm k**in sh** they cats go need some extra men
A lot of n***as thought that they would blow, got these reckonin
You would square dance to stay around me, that's what I recommend
I Frisbee your latest sh** just so it gets record spins
I'm starin at the rap game, my game face on
This a business and most you n***as can't make songs
I don't wear fake j**els so why have my n***as rob you for some sh** they can't pawn
No king wastes time addressin the straight pawn
And the right track, they ain't expect him to stay on
I'm really that n***a and it's apparent
So appreciate the sh** that I give you and quit comparin
Feelin like Pac with All Eyes On Me
A mean mug, I could get you mugged so n***a quit the starin

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