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Euroz - As For Now lyrics

[Verse 1]

Been having visions of the top
Will me and my homies make it there ?
Or will the bullsh** break us
Till the point when n***as can't repair
Pride starts to vanish that's the signs of being older
Like beauty, success is in the eyes of the beholder
Stress is on it's way that mean it's time for me to roll up
Being all that I can be but I ain't trying to be a... soldier
I mean unless it's God's army
How the f** am I to get even with all these odds on me
Yet I'm chasing perfection with all these flaws on me
With hopes to k**ing this game until they call the law on me, it's..
No hope for the women I had relations with
Money make it easier to cope with all this hating sh**
Those who left me hanging success is what I replaced them with
The people needed a way out of vegas so i'm paving it for now


I look in the sky, the things I hope to see
Has my time arrived or is it nowhere close to me ?
The dreams that's on my mind, I'm hoping they come true
I'm finna make it happen, as for now, as for now, as for now, as for now, as for now

[Verse 2]

Emotional n***as I can't deal
Me emotionless most emotions I can't feel
Why ? cause life left me scar, deep tissue
On the surface I look calm but got deep issues
Won't stop till every n***a in the crew buzzin'
Rap with a chip on my shoulder, I'm trying to prove something
Do it for the ones that f** with it, f** who doesn't
Hatred, sh** jealousy is the route of it
If you ain't with the movement then you better move
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Disgusted by the mediocre sh** they put on pedestals
Memory lane is the street that I forever cruise
In search of the answers that motivate me to be a better dude
The game is watered down, it's in need of substance
I don't make excuses, I make readjustments
I'm just praying that the sh** don't k** me
I ain't no one special at the moment but I will be


[Verse 3]

Dreams on my mind, thinking out loud
In pursuit of greatness, and if you ask me
We on the brink of that now
I only f** with my n***as, we all trying to get rich
No love for these hoes, my heart is a bottomless pit
Real sh**, and my name is in the streets cause I'm heavily debated
Though a lot of n***as sleep like they heavily sedated
How the f** I'm hollywood when I ain't even made it
If it ain't about the money n***a I won't entertain it
I'll never let the kind of sh** phase me
Never met the hater type that wasn't lazy
All my b**hes say yes never maybe
Never trip over someone who doesn't pay me
Never pillow talkin' with the hoes that I lay with
Only f** with the real no fake sh**
I'm like the A.I. that got traded to the nuggets
Ain't the one you want to play with
Like Jordan in game 6, problems that you can't fix
Emerged like the rose out the pavement
Aside from the money and the dreams I don't chase sh**



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