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Euroz - Trouble lyrics

Yeah, For no good reason at all

[Verse 1: Euroz ]

Uh , I under promise but over deliver
And let them vent about the heat i let go in the winter
It be wise to think before you let go of a winner
Can't see through the tint you just know we the n***a
I'm really feeling like it's our time
Like the judge walked in , just watch us all rise
n***as putting sh** in motion like its on drive
Feel i got their attention on me , they all eyes
Cops k**ing n***as holding up their hands
That's why i'm somewhere in the cut, plotting rollin' up this [?]
I'm just blessed for how sh** going for the man
Gotta make them pay since every bar cold enough to scan
I been, just observing these n***as that did it last
Can't say that they did it wrong, i just know that they didn't last
Can't tell if it's wind or it's that snake shifting your gra**
My foot on the pedal floor, now who got you n***as ga**ed?
Developed this in the pen , for putting pen to the pad
Then they finally let me go, i left the pen to the pad
My life is spent in the lab x2

[Verse 2: Euroz]

Uh, i did the most and thats to say the least
Do dirt and ask forgiveness like the slate was clean
Needing cash you can't count but gotta weigh and see
Been heavy but f** it , we'll have to wait and see
It's about making it out, and what i make of me
At some point you gotta catch it and not just chase your dream
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Make or make room at the top if ain't no vacancy
Mime sh** all action i don't say a thing
You know it's real when these n***as think it's make-believe
But its cool, them the ones we about to make believe
Me with the another shawty, would hate to see
Motivated by complaints from my latest fling
Mad cuz ain't buy the dreams you tried to sell Ma!
Solid effort at trynna play the king
They wish a n***a lose his footing like Kunta
Strung the f** out, head down with the noose up
Hard work, i don't do luck
Been on my Popovich
This ain't no spur of the moment sh**, it was drew up
You can bet it by the dollar, that i mapped it out
True story, i don't plan on leave no chapters out
Memory bank, withdrawals from last account
Recollections of my life, n***as been asking about

[Verse 3: Euroz]

We surrounded by the signs, they trynna ready us
Eyelids heavy, the sh** on my mind heavier
They tryanna knock me off my pivot, i ain't letting em
After the visions see it through, and i letting up
I do it by myself , though its all for us
No amount of change can change him
f** what they offer us
We know dummies ain't trynna make monies off of us
Soon as they act like they don't need you, gotta call their bluff
Been approached but what's the deal if they don't see your vision
These n***as still trynna rap, he trynna be a business
Building something that will last, i am trying to be up in this
So get with the program and you can be a witness
Aiming to hit my peak , i bet the view something
Paper put up it ain't windy i ain't blew nothing

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