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Euroz - Expensive Thoughts lyrics

The sharpest tool in the shed getting dumb high
Lord knows a peace of mind is hard to come by
Yo ain't it crazy how he unsigned avoiding bloods**ers
It would k** him to see sunrise
See off some vet' sh**, ain't no rookies with the k**
Certified as an adult n***a they book me as a kid
And a shout out to my mom she had me since birth
Ain't sh** changed cos even now she pushing for a kid
Hol up
I had to steal steel spoons cos I ain't come from that
This kings among kings sh**, not too many come from that
The judge threw the book at me, I read that sh** from front to back
Chapters that my life had took and still I don't want nothing back
I ain't changed I just let that sh** inspire me
Mastered the pimp behind parts oh the irony
Dark paths, lord forgive me
Way before christmas me and mine lit up entire streets
You keep ga**ing these n***as up I keep supplying heat
I heard the sh** you like and you say I am sh**
And they say I am sh**
Anyway where the hoes like
Calls some broads over for an orgy bet they all come
I don't think you heard me I said orgy bet they all come
On second thoughts I'm starving my distractions really on a mission
'Bout to rob the game blind, shout out to the coalition
Ya'll letting anybody sign what's up its those petitions
And no that ain't me hating y'all should know the symptoms
Three time felon getting money now
But if only god could judge me I got no convictions
I don't glorify my past but i'm fit to boast
When they roll the credits you gon see which people make the most
You get high, the bread pop up
To that here's a toast
b**h [?] mad they not the ones people cheer for
We on the rise they still hating, we been here before
This shift is real dont think I been in this gear before
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It's funny how they finally hit it and think of instant millions
Simmer down and hear who's hot soon as they hit their ceiling
Plenty dropping that's despite all of the whips you willing
Telling my ace I love the hustle like I'm [?]
You can tell even in person i'm distant as hell
Swear I've been busy miss called from my n***as in jail
I don't only write about this sh** I lived it as well
f**ing hit me on a mission not in this to fail
Treating moments like [?] is what he lived in
Analyse the game and figure ways that he can get in
Why you lusting women these rappers already been in?
Doing nothing that stands out and everything to fit in
Ash should say it all no need to ask you how you're living
Once I'm in position bring the fam that's a given
Tug of war with these labels he trying not to give in
'Cos creative control worth more than what they can give him
You wonder why they snap on mixtapes and not on albums
Most substance on one track that n***as got on albums
Don't need to cover for them to know who the hottest out em
Who the hottest out em

Dream beyond your means that rule is cardinal
Silently maneuvering, rumors don't get caught in those
You know the saying, they say nothing's perfect
Well except for my raps cos sh**, ain't a flaw in those
I be absent at the spot and the after spot
You too focused you leopard hunting he after spots
I don't hate it all I see you at the top
Your favorite trick is some caddy drivers they lack a lot
I'm really me no presence determines how I [?]
Treat my soul like a gold mine been digging deep
Now I'm bossed up, paint the cost but this sh** is steep
Let me squeeze, we was trigger happy
Still won't take nothing but a finger who think sh** sweet
I got enemies got a lot of enemies
Same ones hating really want to join the entity
Just wanna fit in

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