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Euroz - Introduction lyrics

[Verse 1]
n***a don't sleep on yourself
Can't spend nights on the bed
I be on some gargoyle sh**
Spend most of my nights on the edge
Somewhere in Vegas, sinning
Fed up with life trying not to spend my life in the fear
Cause you never know when it's your turn
So keep your head high cause you might miss your light up ahead
I ain't happy yet
I get ahead of myself
So I know these f** n***as ain't pa** me yet
When I get rich just know my n***a's will but I ain't Jazzy Jeff
Say my name and you'll be pushing f**ing daisies like Gatsby next
Trying to ball out, star athlete cheques
I need a new foreign and to the floor that b**h
You know the gas be pressed
Only a matter of time before he take off
But he ain't ga**ing jets
The team good, we on the same page like the tab refresh
'Bout the only reason I ain't in the front nobody backed me yet
But that's another story

f** a list
These cats they revolving doors man they come and go
Ain't it crazy how the haters tend
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To run their mouth about who run the show

[Verse 2]
Ventriloquism when it come to b**hes
Yeah I'm pulling strings, like we one with Hendrix
Really on the field can't let the sh** they kick come between my goal, no pun intended
Every masterpiece got a ton of critics
I ain't bring a bag to school unless my gun was in it
But that's another story
'Member watching ships of the greats
And whoever won we holler "He the best!"
But really when you win they always lurking with the barrel trying to lead you west
It's the outcast they won't let in
Bright lights be the setting
Broad members from my setting
Plus I did four years, let it set in
f** being modest and sh**
Young n***as try to get rich
f** what they talking
I promise you, knowledge is bliss
I don't got time for a if, know I got time for some piff
Convo with substance since I always got time know it lift
Who came down with the greatest, I swear I'm Mike Jackson with this
This my time, this is it
You move to lousy get your stealth up, look on their faces like "Who gon' help us?"
Me I said "f** that plane sh**" got on some fly sh**
Young kamikaze, blew myself up, blew myself up

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