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Euroz - For The Record lyrics

[Verse: 1]
To know its my time you don't need a watch
But trust and believe I'm who you need to watch
Back on it back to the goal like I don't see the block
You know theres haters back home like he don't see the block
Red octagon n***a you need to stop
Blunts rolled its time for a L like its 3 o'clock
The only one I wanted to be beside me was Pac
The only one I cared to be beside me was Pac
I can't even call you n***as real
No real highlights on all you n***as reels
I'd imagine its a drag to know I'm on you n***as heels
He need a crib out in Beverley live on you n***as hills
He what the game need its official ama call it now
This rap sh** that watch write n***as water down
Chicks think they fire man hose water down
Its looking up for us that's why they looking down

Thats why I dont f** with that music industry sh**
Because those motherf**ers will smile in each other face
Take pictures with each other for the gram
Oh this my brother thats my sister
Then behind the scenes they be like f** that n***a
Not f**ing with people is healthy
You know whats not healthy, frontin'
All of this fake, you know, camaraderie
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Man f** all that

[Verse: 2]
You gotta know they'll build you up just to tear you down
Been hibernating know its clear to see who bear the crown
And yeah I get that Hollywood sh** cos I don't care to smile
At one of many faces that a f** n***a can wear around
Stay out my business if ain't no business for me
If you looking i'll be stacking bread like its inventory
n***as audio booking sh** I been hearing stories
They black ball you till you rise and try steal your glory
All them nights in Vegas all them heights invasions
As soon as I got booked I put my life in pages
And now its my turn on some right away sh**
No time wasted gotta get to it right away sh**
Enlighten n***as food for thought taking care of mines
Bread put up, fams straight taking care of mines
I have a dream worth living can't be scared to die
Theres no doctors just fake kings all these pharaohs cons

[Outro: Bongo Roach]
Don't watch the next person walking
With big this and big that, the earth here is your bed
Humble yourself and be satisfied, don't crave and covet the person
Who you see who has a mansion
And you say you must have a mansion
Humble yourself

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