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Euroz - Us Vs Them lyrics

[Verse 1]

At times I regret that I ever met you
Wish I were to pa** and let another intercept you
The liquor encourages me to text you
But see the pride is why I stall like a restroom
Experience what I did? I wonder who the next two to [?]
Thicker than this b**h I'm laying next to
Not like that's something no one knew
Responding to come over texts with I ain't even over you
Just know I never put another woman over you
In fact I think I put a pride aside convo is overdue
Cause all we ever do is f**ing trip
Make love then argue, yeah f** and trip
All this unnecessary stress I need a f**ing trip
But know that making you happy still on my bucket list
Visions of our past but unsure what the future holds
I'm sure by just showing up you a**ume I f** future hoes

[Bridge: Girl calling on phone]

[?] is not what you wanted to share
Because I never thought as though I was not someone to talk to
Not gonna [?] right now but [?]...
I don't know. Call me or something

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[Verse 2]

Just got word that you missed me
But I won't get my hopes up
As a man I got pride
And its my job to give no f**s
I reached out a few times and still you show no love
Tryna be optimistic but denial, that's a cold drug
It's cool though, you're finally moving on and sh**
Kudos, share secrets with you only a few know
If time became expensive like a [?]
If you knew better, you'd do so
Out of me and being single the second one is what you chose
f** the new you I'm in love with the old you
Aside from God's work don't forget who helped mold you
The priceless information that I told you
The trips taken, 1000s that we've blown through
As a team I was the go-to
b**h, that's probably why you switch roles now
It's a new chick every night
But even that can get old
Even that cab get old
I was frontin meanwhile behind your back I tip toed

[Outro: Girl calling on phone]

I feel like I'm losing and... f**. Call me. Please. I love you

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