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Euroz - The Chill lyrics

[Verse 1]
That's how you know this sh** trill
Bad chicks come through and do more than just chill
Hating n***as run their mouths like motors, just chill
Life's a gamble, n***a, f** what I'm dealt, just deal
No beef on my plate at the moment, just deals
All these thoughts as I roll in this k**
Time to show these square n***as who's controlling sh** still
When I step up to bat, ain't no one in field
In fear, life of high, I'mma live it till I overdose
Meet the one, that's the number that's before the dos
This b**h want a ring, hold it down and you know the ropes
In the meantime count blessings and sowing notes
n***as wear too many faces
I never had a fascination with total pros
Was looking forward to getting my point across
Judas want to be the center of attention, gotta know the role

Gotta know your role
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School zone, n***a, slow your roll
Claim king, you get overthrown
You get overthrown

Either f** with the wave or run from the current
True chicks is in town, I want to concur it
Wanna name my favorite rappers, but none of them current
Why can't we all just reach success without f** sh** occurring?

[Verse 2]
I know the game, roadie really got it mapped out
I wasn't selling, but the show was in that trap house
My PSI sound really what I rap about
The hardest n***a pushing till they let fats out
A couple bands on your hand like Nelly, n***a
Shells, my n***as, cologne, do you smell me, n***a?
You ain't doing better, ain't sh** you can tell me, n***a
I'mma keep running sh** until the feet fail me, n***a
(Until my feet fail me, n***a
Hold up, let me hear that)

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