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Euroz - Long Live Dilla lyrics

She say she wanna hear me on some Dilla sh**

[Verse 1]

I wonder if we'll ever get freedom
For those who really think that n***as free, dumb
Not to discredit our efforts and how far we've come
But f** the truth I need proof, can I see some?
It's like the same ones preaching be involved in scandals
I rarely ever watch the tube and I got all the channels
Lord knows it's two sides to every story
The raw truth and the side they call the handle
I'm not a star but I just hope that they align
I heard the sh** they said was true and I just hope that they was lyin'
On tour with Dizzy, convos that alter my state of mind
I know they k**ed our leaders and those that can sway the minds
Askin' the Lord for forgiveness, down on both knees
In these streets I catch still like I was told freeze
You not official, that's easy to call like it was toll free
Feelin' like a prisoner in the land when we was told free
I could hit the club and be surrounded thots
But the blunt got me thinkin' I'm surrounded by darts
Like when, where, and how do I start
And n***as swear that I'm the truth cause that's what pound in my heart
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There's only so much that the mind can take
Goin hard until the rims inside the tires scrape
A silhouette now, I'm in solid shape
Not a skeleton in sight, with plenty closet space
And don't extend ya hand if you a hater, I ain't tryna shake
If I don't feel the vibe in this b**h then I'm tryna shake
A thin line between love and hate and that's not a hyphen
Today's music, love and hate just a lot of hypin'
How you plan to clash with a n***a when you not a titan
Instagram, you see what I'm on but you ain't gotta like it
I can predict you cats careers, and I'm not a psychic
Just that diamond in the rough, on some hard to find sh**
When you a three time felon you got less options
Blogs f**in' with a sure shot will get the lead poppin'
A day one where I'm from, not wit the set hoppin'
And yea we stood on our dollars, just not with [?]
And if we don't fit the picture I'm like let's crop it



Know she gonna feel this sh**
Don't forget the Z
Long live Dilla

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