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Euroz - Lion lyrics

[Verse 1]

Doing me for the time being
But your man I wouldn't mind being
Impressions I wouldn't mind leaving
Then cop you something from Jared's so you can shine even
Put a rock on each hand so you can shine even
Enlighten you on some sh** girl I don't mind teaching
A loyal chick who understands f** your sidepieces
Together learning lessons that only time teaches
No lie this as good as it gets
When the last time the convo as good as the s**?
I know your ex is mad for all the reasons he couldn't accept
And all them other dudes tired so put them to rest


I'll tell myself I don't really want you
All my n***as know I'll be lying
sh**, I know I'll be lying
I tell myself I don't really need you
Who world knows I'll be lying
sh**, if I had a girl she knows I'll be lying
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She knows I'll be lying

[Verse 2]

Language of love let me talk it for you
Regarding your interests let me spark it for you
If you smoke I'll roll something even spark it for you
This ain't a game but if it was I'd blow the cartridge for you
It's feeling odd, well let's even it out
I was sleeping on you now you the one I was dreaming about
I'm no Tom but your body trust I'm peeping it out
A home body that's a body I keep in the house
I'm just tryna get the yes, I'm not tryna hear no
The green light regarding sh** I'm just tryna get to know
The heart and mind is first
Second is physical
To put you between sheets, centerfold
You dissemble code
This a convo with my future queen
Be lying if I said I didn't feel [?]
If a mirror show our intentions they're identical
If a mirror show our intentions they're identical


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