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Euroz - The Suite Sixteen Series - Episode 1 lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Yo, ayo
It's 2017 what you averaging?
No fabrication, I'm immaculate
My Afro look like Colin Kaepernicks
Decapitate your favorite rappers happiness
And leave em' Adam appleless, they can't be mad at this
He mad cuz his career not movin' like the traffic yeah
I'm Jerry stackin' it, until I'm rockin' every throwback like I'm Fabulous
Still movin' in my flows soundin' like a magic trick
And why I'm bambling
Word to DJ Hoppa and Gavlyn
Crazy cuz love and hate is the only thing that I battle with
No squares around me but garden like Madison
Ya'll know I ain't havin' it
So pa** the reefer back, these n***as in a sleeping bag
I guess I gotta DJ Khaled, Major Key they a**
Kanye with the polo without the sneaker cash
Yo what's a king without a queen with a Trina a**
I'm heating up like a heatin' pad
I got the die hard fans with the snapchat geo tag
The only Vegas baby spreadin' like Casino a**
I got them keepin' tabs now they wanna "@" the kid
And the b**hes send them titty pics when you cashin' it
Fascinate she ain't listen I wasn't mad at her
Cuz I was drivin' while she s**ed me in the Challenger
She got a man but she keepin' me on the calendar
And I don't ever feel shame just like a Gallagher
Damn, I'm such a Writer like my last name
Now I'm takin' shots in life like Kobe's last game
You like a washed up shooter that had range
And now you broke shot wouldn't fall for a bag of change
I feel like I could break em in my palm
If rap don't work out who saving me a job?
I play the distant relatives like Damien and Nas
Until then I'll be blazzin' wit the squad
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Still movin' n***a

[Verse 2: Reezy]
Right up off the bat, I fold stacks like laundromats
Ballin' like Grandmama at Thomas [&] Mack
I just do me, never been with impressing n***as
I'm focused on seven figures, posted with several women
Drawin' up the play - Lombardi and Greenbay
She rackin' up the racks, bring it back for the king's sake
Mind on that new for that scratch, I'm a DJ
Ridin' in a coupe and the roof had a delay
Flight - that's all we smoke when we smoke
High off trees but gold on these (roots?)
Marijuana leaf but cocoa leaf flows
And I ain't Luke Cage, but hoes on me bro
I don't save b**hes, those are heroes
I get the checks in like (?)
Still Movin'. There's only way to go
I GPS'd it and directions said I'm already home (?)

[Verse 3: Demrick]
I switched it up, traded my Patron for them Henny shots
Haters keep an eye on my rise like they Fetty Wap
You see we hit em "Blaze With Us" last year
n***as (?) we burn premium gas here
My name is Demrick, nice to meet yah
Mom's white, Pop's black, you decide the features
And you undercover Trump supporters that k** aborters
While you daughter is giving head and tail like quarters
2016, what a f**ing mess. Now that it's '17 sh**
I'm coming for everything 'til there's nothin left
And you know I'm still moving with my Vegas clique
Most these rappers lose their grip just like a paper clip
Rollin' fire in the RAWs with the paper tips
Demrick, quick to say some sh** like I got 8%
It's January. By the end of December I'm drop some cla**ic sh**
My music living forever

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