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Euroz - That n***a lyrics

[Verse 1: Euroz]
Okay I think of raps and I pen this sh**
Getting racks off my penmanship
It's a known fact that I run Vegas
Trying not to pull a ligament
Shout out to my haters, praises to the most high
Living good, calling this b**hes names that they don't go by
See I'm right here letting this dope pile
I'm too hyphy, ya'll know why
Cause I ain't sell my soul and I'm about to blow without their cosign
I'm on a natural high, you can't blow mine
This is what success do
When that bad b**h you had dreams about is the same chick you sleep next to
We at the top floor, we got the best view
Come and see what I see
When I drop my first tape, these n***as place me in their top 3
Versatile, you can't box me
My neck full of chains and they all gold
Well connected, your bars is low
I got 99 problems and they all hoes
We don't f** with them dog hoes
But I'm Mike Vick how I dog hoes
Keep them b**hes on all fours
And we run sh** and them broads know it
What they rollin? If it ain't grade A, I pa** on it
They resistance, we up next and I know n***as that'll put they last on it

[Hook: Euroz]
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Okay we counting all this money non-stop (non-stop)
I know n***as that'd k** for our spot (our spot)
Who'da thought that we would end up on top (on top)
Pull up to the scene, jaws drop (jaws drop)
Why? Cause I'm that n***a, I thought you knew
I'm that n***a, b**h, I thought you knew
sh** I'm that n***a, I thought you knew
I'm that n***a, b**h I thought you knew

[Verse 2: Euroz]
Okay we counting all this bread up
And best believe we got more to make
Taking all these chances, the type of risks you can't afford to take
See my j**els on, I [?]
My n***as got clips like Florida's shape
Shorty's shape? Hour gla** with a peach behind her like Georgia plates
You know it's Louies all on my loafers, groupies all on my sofa
When your tape drop, we got a few copies, and used 'em all for my coasters
Lines of molly, she snorted that
Named a drink and I ordered that
And if she need something else, name that too
And I'm coming out the pocket like a quarterback
Aye yo blow that sh** cause there's more to stack n***a
It's nothing to me, this rapping sh** is just hustling to me
I hope theses n***as can get adjusted to me, cause I'm
Here, to sh** on y'all for one reason n***a
So fall back, the summers mine, the winter's here it's our season n***a

[Hook: Euroz]

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