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Euroz - That Gospel lyrics


High off Life, Head in the Clouds
All my b**hes know I ain't with the settling down
Memories of the Future bet they ain't better they know
I told 'em it's dropping soon, they like soon ain't better than now
Ain't too many n***as rapping I ain't better than now
Dealing with some stress that got break the president down
If I said it was for sale would they all buy it?
Either way I count so many blessings I got arthritis
Get a look at what's the come like you're far sighted
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From the bottom made it to the top I had to dark knight it
As soon as I touchdown, I hit the ground running
Motivated by n***as who came around stunning
If a niche can make you rich I think we've find some
Las Vegas my city I hold it down son
Let 'em ask me why I f** who, who I f** with
You more prone to keep it G when you around some
Planned my takeover from my eye rise
Peep the loopholes and the rules that you cats abide by
On the outside of the game looking in
I feel like J.Cole telling my story from the sideline

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