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Euroz - Spend It All lyrics

[Verse 1]
Okay, Got A Pocket Full Of Them Ben Franks
Who The f** I’m Gon’ Spend It On?
I Know These Hoes Got Bills Due
And I’m The One That They Dependin’ On
That's When You Caught My Eye
She On That Pole Wit Them Legs Wide
I Can Tell You Got Sex Drive
With The Type Of Curves I’m Tryna Test Drive
And She Don’t Slack
Go Hard Like She Outta Bed-Stuy
Won’t Be Long Before I k** That sh**
My New Definition Of A Deadline
And Them Big Faces, Got A Stack Of Those
L'’s Rolled And We Pa**in’ ‘Dro
For The Most Part, I Love A Good Girl
But Tonight? I’m Looking’ For Them Ratchet Hoes
So Let Me Know What You Drinkin’g
You Know, I’m Tryna Get Your Buzz Right
She Living’ Single, No Love Life
But I Can Tell She Still Loves Life
I Can Tell You Want Me
And You Can Tell I Want You
The Night Is Young, But We Both Grown
Ain't No Telling What We Gon’ Do…

Ooh Girl, I Want You…
You Should f** With Me, I Know You Want To
And You Already Know What I’m On
‘Cause You The One I Spend This Money On
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I Wanna Spend It All (x4)

[Verse 2]
Okay, I don't Beat Around Bushes
Real n***a, I’m Straight Forward
So Much Ass…
That I Wouldn’t Even Feel Bad If A n***a Had To Pay For It
I’m Just Kiddin’ With You
f** With Me The sh** Beneficial
But Nah, Real Talk, It’ll Benefit You
Them n***as Lame, I Been Official
The Answer’s All In Your Body Language
So I Don’t Gotta Ask To Know
Not To Mention This Cash To Blo
And I’m Throwing Bills ‘Til My Stack Is Low
And I’m Sure You Done Had Your Share Of n***as
But They Was Just Practice Though
You Got A Friend Then that's Cool Too
‘Cause that's A Two-For-One If I Bag ‘Em Both
And All This Time I’m Investing’
All That Other sh** Can Come Second
I Know There’s sh** You Ain't Never Did
But I Hope Tonight’s An Exception…


I Wanna Spend It All…
I Wanna Spend It All…
I Wanna Spend It All…
I Wanna Spend It All…
I Wanna Spend It All…

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