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Euroz - Premonition lyrics

[Verse 1]
If we talking about a buzz
It's getting harder to control mines
And to think I started this rapping sh** ain't oh nine
Without the help of a magazine or a co-sign
I turned a hopeless situation into a gold mine
Thanks to the most high my destination is success
From the looks of things will make it in no time
In the business with being gifted is trivial
So aside from challenge I hope you posses a cold grind
The game is more than dope lines on the tightest bars
But this life is no shine for the brightest stars
You n***as think this sh**'s easy but life is hard
I just keep telling myself I make it despite the odds
Despite the flaws still striving for perfection
Constantly networking multiplying the connections
Man of the hour time is of the essence
And now I can finally say rhyme is the profession

To the top that's where I'm taking my team
What I'm doing sh** chasing my dreams
Staying wasn't easy that's how I makin' this seam
Prepare for this life and whatever it might...bring
Fast cars A-list broads
Can't expect y'all to relate to this star
Know you doing well when the hating just start
Premonition's always told us we would make it this far

[Verse 2]
So left field to think that I ain't in the right lane
n***a I'm getting to that green once the lights change
Rumor has it famous so expensive
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But I ain't tripping cause I know it's in my price range
f** the negative I sacrificed a whole lot
On this path to riches I did ran into some road blocks
Dead homies fake n***as and some prison time
But I possess a heart that not too many souls got
I've exceeded these n***as so give me credit
I had to leave the streets but the crib it's still embedded
To everybody who trully believes I'm in debt and
Just support their overlooked and I promise you won't regret it
For these other n***as they rapping it so pathetic
Instead of aiming for greatness you can tell what copper said it
Swearing they so poetic bunch of ga**ed up rappers spitting that unleaded


[Verse 3]
Get familiar with someone they gonna debate on
I pushed the tape back to get critics something to wait on
Solidify my presence I guarantee that I stay on
Gradually becoming an artist they turn their hate on
Probably cause I got 'em thinking no recession ending
Due to my current positions and the excessive spending
The model b**hes I'm f**ing got me obsessed with women
That part of my mind is probably dark but their complexion isn't
With no degree I still manage such an impressive living
Gone in a buzz some people who just respect the vision
And f** you hater you someone I don't expect to listen
Just continue to work it out repetition
Damn , bet it hurts to know whos winning
Wasting your time hating f** a person no opinion
I take it you n***as just want acknowledgement or something but sh**
My focus elsewhere I pay 'em no attention


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