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Euroz - Nothing to Something lyrics

[Verse 1]
Some kush and a bottle of that brown I'm hopping they reverse the pain
Started chasing perfection that's when the burden came
Rarely inspired by the music of these certain names
Some of which probably sold their soul for commercial game
That's the curse of fame you live and you learn though
I hate to see my dogs leave but love to see that fur grow
Priceless opportunities not everyone deserve those
In a game full of backstabers and turned coats
Still jaded from grimey n***as I dealt with
Now it's real n***as I chose to align myself with
The foundation it's that time of the year
Tell me I'm k**ing sh** that's all I've been dying to hear
Rap is nervous you can guess and providing the feel
Blood sweat the sacrifice my n***a we finally here
Small city big dreams I sat down and shared my vision like a split screen

My time is approaching
There were moments in my life I thought rhyming was hopeless
But knew I had to get it right and go find some devotion
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Now I go hard showing some no signs of emotions
They told me I was nothing then I turned that same nothing into something
They told me I was nothing then I turned that same nothing into something

[Verse 2]
Amongst the hottest unsigned I am finally mentioned
The hottest names in this business showing signs of interest
So in terms of my success I measured mine in inches
Me and my n***as in the game while you riding benches
Share all my problems with the Lord I don't comply them b**hes
You keep your mind confined of riches and diamond pendants
Life is much more than what you think it is
Why you contemplate greatness I'm on the brink of it
Writing from experience so I don't got to think of sh**
And f** a local your favorites who I competing with
n***as said they raised the bar why they take it up a notch
They disrespect the real it's only right I make it up the pac
They hate to see you getting cash but I ain't make enough to stop
Try walking in my shoes you wouldn't make it up the block
There's so much in store I yet disclosed
It's a matter the time I'm expected to blow


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