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Euroz - My Life lyrics


Kick in the door like bang n***a bang
Going for the ring and it ain't going to change
Dropped preseason now my name in the game
So these lames looking plain what a shame what a shame
Yeah little mama like boom baby boom
Raindrop emoji when you get up in the mood
Got to keep it cool
It's just between me and you right
It's just between me and you right

[Verse 1: Mark Battles]

I came from a place
Where even when it hurts you keep a smile on your face
Play superman and get robbed for your cape
Pray to god keep us safe n***as dying everyday
Coming up short but we trying everyday
I don't trust hoes cause they lying every way
Brought my n***a Dizzy to my city
All he needed was a some Henny and some fired mary jay
That's all he had to say
Go out with a bang
Blood sweating tears till they all know my name
We ain't the same you just in it for the fame
I ask the lord every day will he take away the pain
Red devil no diablo
It's my time so they go wherever I go
And nah she ain't mine bro
You my n***a we can split her like Tiago
I know I'm over heads like a slideshow
Drive slow we still fighting for survival
You know my motto
Why do it if ain't something you would die for


[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]

Whole team spitting fire
Matter of fact whole team filled with n***as I admire
Your flow tired my homies they would have shut it down
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Need a shorty that's going to respect me when I'm not around
Ya'll don't even get it yet
But what matters most
My rap style and a blunt is compatible
So either way I'm going to be eating on my off season
Never not working giving the motive what they asking for
Look the youngin' been popin for a while
You want to steal my shine you better sit in line
The sh** I'm on real n***as get behind
The sh** you're on would've worked for a different time
Look I ain't trying to be the bad guy
Try to force something if it won't work
I just need somebody cool chilling around the house in some sweatpants and some unreleased [?]
Smoking and she down to earth
Trying to build an empire so I'm making sure it's all out there
I ain't stopping till I'm finished and they see the vision
Try to let her know I'm about to go in


[Verse 3: Euroz]

Do it right and not sell my soul
I could truly say I did that
Now my ex's want to floss
But they know I ain't a dentist I don't bridge gaps
Three months two tours really putting on
And n***as got the nerve to ask me where I've been at
I guess these cats wasn't rocking with the kid
That's before they peeped the wave now they bout to feel impact
The bullsh** you know I got to turn my back to
Cause jails ain't full and they sending n***as back to
The drum board is what I'm sending n***as back to
In terms of respect ya'll are dead end [?]
To do it like this I guarantee I'll be the last to
Name a couple tapes you think f**ing with my last two
Finally in the game and I plan to make it last too
Exclude your plaques now who really on my plateau
Say that sh** like I could watch you lie like it's past June
If your money ain't on me that's a bad move
If your money ain't on me that's a bad move
Why you stay in your []


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