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Euroz - KRAY lyrics

Feat : Easy Redd

[Verse 1: Euroz]

Ok, its get paper, f** hoes, that’s the script that I’m sticking to
If she don’t f** now she gon' f** later so I put that b**h on my list of do's
Don’t get sh** confused
I don’t ever settle n***a pick and choose
Top 5 unsigned rappers, guaranteed they don’t mention you
Me and Easy, straight cla**ic
Crazy tape you n***as can’t match it
f** them, we not in they bracket
My flow crazy, no straight jacket
Impossible, we make happen
Name a song where I ain't snappin’
Name a n***a that step to me with that disrespect and I ain't thrashin'
f** wrong with these fake rappers?
Shoutout to you fake rappers
I point you n***as out like Uncle Sam and make you pay taxes
Beef with me? It’s a no-go
Get f**ed over no homo
Put the 9 on you, Romo
Real in attendance, y’all n***as a no-show
Just me and my n***as, blowing out loud
f** whoever got the crown, n***a point ‘em out now
9 times out of 10, them n***as far from the best
Benchin' rap, had to get a few bars off my chest
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[Verse 2: Easy Redd]

Turfs up, I pop Valiums, I’m turnt up
Crime wave wipe you out, n***a surfs up
Keep that work tucked, I’m on the highway
Cookin' for a fiend tell me how the pie taste
Eat your b**h for dinner, tell her how her pie taste
Hit her walls, Facebook, if she up in My---(haha)
Got a kush connect, n***a that’s instagrams
Rollie, I just switch the bands
Stackin' like a pinching plan
Beef with me? You don’t want that attention fam
Most of these n***as hatin' really your biggest fan
Damn, shawty spin ‘em like a ceiling fan
Then put em in a wheelchair, Lieutenant Dan
Two cannons in the trunk, Euroz this the plan
Ima walk up and slump him, you gon' chip his mans
Throw the hammers in the sewer where I came from
n***a you ain't stuntin', where the f** you get that chain from?
n***a that sh** kray
n***a that sh** fake
Haha, yeah, kray, kray, b**h

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