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Euroz - Just To Do It lyrics

I ain't gotta say much
I did it just to do it
Proof right in front of you

[Verse 1]
I said
f** what you heard, I'm gettin' cash ho
Still blowin' bread from the last show
Doggy style when I come to the club, that mean I take the back door
Come to my city, I got all the buzz
Surge protector, all the plugs
If she fall in love, I'mma help her up
And tell her last night ain't what you thought it was
See my name all on these chick lip, your main b**h on my hit list
I only f** with them upscales ho's
She don't got cla**, she gets dismissed
And that's real sh**, that's how I feel sh**
Can you blame a n***a for how I k** sh**
I'm bout bread, if it ain't bout bread then I'm someone you ain't doin' deals with
I did four years in the pen, now I'm making [?] off this pen
What I get for a verse don't trip, know it's worth more than your pen
Broke n***a's and they two cents, but that comes with this, right
And I'm taking chances, if it's 4th and twenty, I ain't punting sh**

I just hit the mall and blew a couple racks
I did it just to do it
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Don't even want your chick, you can have her back
I did it just to do it
I bought a hundred bottles of the P Ciroc
I did it just to do it
Stay k**in' these n***a's, you can keep the prize
I did it just to do it

[Verse 2]
OK I'm that n***a, clearly
Blowing loud, can you hear me
If I need something and I ask your b**h, bet she help me out, Siri
I'm drinked up, I'm dripped out, this life you don't know sh** bout'
My condo full of nasty ho's, if she don't whip the sh**, she get kicked out
[?] what you made me do, b**h nobody chasin' you
Haters be like, he need to change his flow
Well I do the sh** when you pay me to
I'm a wavy dude, you better ask about me
If I f**ed the b**h, I bet she bragged about me
Ho's see me an think ATM, [?] when I got cash about me
Talk is cheep, but my time [?]
Gold Rollie, my time expensive
My grind relentless, plant seeds in these [?] b**hes
Can't relate, sh** mind your business
They didn't know back then, I'm the best now
Get high to keep the stress down
And when we in this b**h, that means it's game over, cut the nets down


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